Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

2017.02.03 maria carmo fonseca


Prof. Maria Carmo-Fonseca

Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM Lisboa)

Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa





2017 02 03 María Carmo Fonseca MinProf. Maria Carmo-­Fonseca, MD (1983), earned a PhD (1988) in Cell Biology at the University of Lisboa. Then, she moved to the EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany) to carry out a postdoctoral research. Since 2002 she was the Executive Director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM), and the President since 2014. Her laboratory (RNA and gene regulation) is focused on the understanding of RNA processing in connection to transcription and genetic diseases. They have strong expertise on multidisciplinary approaches to study the dynamic properties of RNA-­‐protein complexes impacting on post-­‐transcriptional gene regulation.

Recent publications:

  • Transcription Dynamics Prevent RNA-­Mediated Genomic Instability through SRPK2-­Dependent DDX23 Phosphorylation. Sridhara SC, Carvalho S, Grosso AR, Gallego-­Paez LM, Carmo‐Fonseca M, de Almeida SF. Cell Rep. 2017;18:334‐343.
  • Distinctive Patterns of Transcription and RNA Processing for Human lincRNAs. Schlackow M, Nojima T, Gomes T, Dhir A, Carmo-­Fonseca M, Proudfoot NJ. Mol Cell. 2017;65:25-­38.
  • Co-­transcriptional splicing and the CTD code. Custódio N, Carmo-­Fonseca M. Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol. 2016;51:395­‐411.
  • Mammalian NET-­seq analysis defines nascent RNA profiles and associated RNA processing genome-wide. Nojima T, Gomes T, Carmo­‐Fonseca M, Proudfoot NJ. Nat Protoc. 2016;11:413-­28.
  • Pervasive transcription read-­through promotes aberrant expression of oncogenes and RNA chimeras in renal carcinoma. Grosso AR, Leite AP, Carvalho S, Matos MR, Martins FB, Vítor AC, Desterro JM, Carmo-Fonseca M, de Almeida SF. Elife. 2015;4. pii: e09214.
  • Mammalian NET-­Seq Reveals Genome-wide Nascent Transcription Coupled to RNA Processing. Nojima T, Gomes T, Grosso AR, Kimura H, Dye MJ, Dhir S, Carmo-­Fonseca M, Proudfoot NJ. Cell. 2015;161:526-40.
  • RNA imaging: seeing is believing. Carmo­‐Fonseca M. RNA. 2015;21:580­‐1.
  • Transcription-­coupled RNA surveillance in human genetic diseases caused by splice site mutations. Vaz­‐Drago R, Pinheiro MT, Martins S, Enguita FJ, Carmo­‐Fonseca M, Custódio N. Hum Mol Genet. 2015 May 15;24:2784-95.