Thursday, 22nd March 2018

Special Seminar 04/01/2016

2016.1.04.diana gil pages


Diana Gil Pagés

Mayo Clinic Department of Immunology, USA

"Exploiting conformational changes found in antigen receptors to manipulate T cell function"

Special Seminar 25/11/2015



Anand Swaroop

National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"Stem cell-based therapies for retinal neurodegeneration"

Special Seminar 3/11/2015

2015 11 03 Johan Garaude


Johan Garaude

Institute for Regeneative Medicine and Biotherapy - Montpellier France and Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Madrid, Spain

"Mitochondrial respiratory chain adaptations in the innate immune system"

Special Seminar 14/10/2015



Ken McCullough

Institute of Virology and Inmunology in collaboration with the University of Berna, Mittelhaeusern, Switzerland

"Synthetic vaccine delivery to dendritic cells"

Special Seminar 09/10/2015



Christopher M. Gomez

Department of Neurology, The University of Chicago
Chicago IL, USA

"Bicistronic Cellular Genes: Insights for Therapy and for Complex Phenotypes"

Special Seminar 18/09/2015



Matthew Gentry

University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky, USA

"Lafora epilepsy-Basic mechanisms to therapy"

Special Seminar 16/09/2015



Pedro Fernández Fúnez

University of Florida College of Medicine
Gainesville, Florida, USA

"Strategies to suppress Amyloid-beta toxicity in Drosophila"

Special Seminar 20/07/2015

2015.7.20.agimenez cassina


Alfredo Giménez-Cassina

Karolinska Institut
Stockholm, Suecia

"New mechanisms of nutrient sensing and metabolic homeostasis"

Special Seminar 09/07/2015



Patricia Horcajada

Institut Lavoisier, CNRS, Université de Versailles

"Metal Organic frameworks for bioapplications"

Special Seminar 08/07/2015



Malka N. Halgamuge

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Melbourne, Australia

"Raising Public Awareness of Radiation: Potential Health Risks from Non-ionizing Radiation Hazards"