Tuesday, 20th March 2018

Special Seminar 24/06/2015



Marcus Smolka

Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (USA)

"Genome Integrity: Rethinking Checkpoints"

Special Seminar 22/06/2015



Chris Q. Doe

HHMI, Institute of Neuroscience
University of Oregon, Eugene (USA)

"Temporal patterning generates neuronal diversity in Drosophila"

Special Seminar 18/06/2015



Rafael Radi

Universidad de la República, Facultad de Medicina
Montevideo, Uruguay

"Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in pathology: opportunities for mitochondrial-targeted pharmacology in vivo"

Special Seminar 09/06/2015



A. Claudio Cuello

Department of Pharmacology
McGill University Montreal, PQ, Canada

"Evidence for an early-proinflammatory process and deregulation of the NGF metabolism in the Alzheimer's pathology"

Special Seminar 18/05/2015



L. Felipe Barros

Centro de Estudios Científicos CECs, Valdivia, Chile

"Neurometabolic coupling mechanisms revealed with novel FRET nanosensors"

Special Seminar 04/05/2015



Arp Schnittger

Department of Developmental Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany

"Control of the homologous DNA repair pathway in plants"

Special Seminar 14/04/2015



Juan Modolell

Profesor ad honorem del CSIC en el CBMSO

"De la Bioquímica a la Biología del Desarrollo, pasando por la Microbiología"

Special Seminar 06/04/2015



Miquel Bosch

The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

"The molecular mechanisms of memory persistence: remodeling of dendritic spine substructures during long-term potentiation"

Special Seminar 26/02/2015

2015.2.26.cfernandez hernando


Carlos Fernández-Hernando

Yale University School of Medicine, USA

"Regulation of cardiometabolic diseases by microRNAs"