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The Department of Genome Dynamics and Function (GDF) was created in 2008 and started to function in 2010 by gathering research groups interested in answering questions onfundamental processes of genetic information dynamics, that is, replication, transcription and translation. For this purpose the various groups that integrate the Department cover aspects of the biology of DNA and chromatin, RNA, as well as DNA-, RNA- and protein-protein complexes with the aim of understanding the dynamics of these processes in health and disease. An added value of the groups gathered at GDF is the use of a wide set of model organisms that range from bacteriophages and viruses, to yeast, protozoa or organelles, and multicellular organisms such as plants and mammals.

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Director of the Dept.: Crisanto Gutiérrez

Group Leader 

Ugo Bastolla    Computational biology and bioinformatics
Luis Blanco    Genome maintenance and variability: enzymology of DNA replication and repair
Luis Carrasco    Viral proteins that modify gene expression
Miguel de Vega   Bacterial DNA repair
María Gómez    Functional organization of the mammalian genome
Crisanto Gutierrez    DNA replication, chromatin and cell division
César de Haro    Protein synthesis and its regulation in eukaryotes
Encarnación Martínez-Salas    Internal initiation of translation in eukaryotic mRNAs
 Santiago Ramón-Maiques   Structure and Function of Macromolecular Complexes
José M. Requena    Regulation of gene expression in Leishmania
Margarita Salas    Replication of Bacteriophage ø29 DNA
José Antonio Tercero    Chromosome replication and genome stability



                      Project Leaders 
Maria L. Salas
(Margarita Salas lab)