Friday, 25th May 2018


Our department’s main objective is to understand the molecular basis of neuronal function, both in physiological and pathological situations. To this end, we have gathered a multidisciplinary team that combines state-of-the art technologies of modern neuroscience research with genetically modified animals that mimic human mental diseases. Our department offers a comprehensive approach to these problems, from structure-function analysis of individual molecules, to cellular adaptations for neuronal growth and plasticity, to pathological alterations leading to neuronal degeneration and cognitive disorders.

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Director of the Dept.: Carlos Dotti

Group Leader 

Carmen Aragón    Physiopathological aspects of glycine transporters in glycinergic neurotransmission: hyperekplexia and pain
Jesús Ávila
  Tau function and dysfunction in Alzheimer disease
María Jesús Bullido    Genetic bases of Alzheimer's Disease: Genomic study of pathogenic cell models.
Javier Díaz-Nido    Neuronal repair and molecular therapy in neurodegeneration: spinocerebellar ataxias
F. Javier Díez-Guerra    Molecular basis of neuronal plasticity
 Carlos Dotti    Neuronal differentiation and brain aging
José A. Esteban    Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity, and contribution to cognitive function
Cecilio Giménez    Molecular basis of glutamatergic synapses
Maria Dolores Ledesma    Lipids in neuronal physiology and pathology
José J. Lucas    Molecular basis of Huntington's disease and other central nervous system disorders
Lourdes R. Desviat   Molecular bases of inherited metabolic diseases and research in molecular therapies
 Alberto Martínez-Serrano   Biology of human neural stem cells. Potential for cell and gene therapy in neurodegeneration
Jorgina Satrústegui    Calcium signalling in mitochondria and insulin/leptin signalling during ageing
Francisco Wandosell    Molecular mechanisms of neuronal differentiation and regeneration



                      Project Leaders 
Beatriz Cubelos
(Francisco Wandosell lab.)
Alejandra Gámez
(Lourdes R. Desviat lab.)
Félix Hernández
(Jesús Ávila lab.)
María Llorens-Martín
(Jesús Ávila lab.)
Beatriz López-Corcuera
(Carmen Aragón lab.)
Marta Navarrete Llinás
(José Antonio Esteban lab.)
Beatriz Pardo
(Jorgina Satrústegui lab.)
 Belén Pérez
(Lourdes R. Desviat lab.)
Eva Richard
(Lourdes R. Desviat lab.)
Pilar Rodríguez-Pombo
(Lourdes R. Desviat lab.)
Francisco Zafra
(Associated with Cecilio Giménez)