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Molecular Neuropathology

    Calcium signalling in mitochondria and insulin/leptin signalling during ageing


 Lab 321 Grupo Jorgina Satrustegui 400


Jorgina Satrústegui




Research summary:

Ca2+ entry in mitochondria through the Ca2+ uniporter is important in cell Ca2+ signaling, but its persistence in mitochondria is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death. We are interested in the study of systems for Ca2+ signaling in mitochondria that do not require Ca2+ entry in the organelle: the mitochondrial carriers of aspartate-glutamate carriers (AGC) aralar and citrin, components of the malate aspartate shuttle (MAS), and those of ATP-Mg/Pi, or Short CaMCs (SCaMCs) which sense extramitochondrial Ca2+ to regulate metabolite transport and mitochondrial functionality. We focus on their role in regulating respiration in intact cells and in the regulation of brain aspartate and glutamate levels and traffic.
We found that these transporters, particularly AGC1/Aralar, are essential for basal mitochondrial respiration of intact cultured neurons and for the Ca2+ dependent stimulation of respiration in response to different workloads.

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Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter (MCU) and Ca2+-regulated mitochondrial carriers, SCaMCs and AGCs, mediate Ca2+-signalling to mitochondria. MCU and SCaMCs are activated by cytosolic [Ca2+] at uM range whereas that AGCs require lower cytosolic [Ca2+] about 100-300 nM for activation.


Jorgina Satrustegui Fig02 300

Representative images of WT and SCaMC-3 KO neurons transfected with the mitochondrial FRET-based ATP probe GO-ATeam-2 to monitor changes in mitochondrial ATP levels after NMDA exposure.  





The AGC1/Aralar KO mouse recapitulates many features of human AGC1 deficiency including very low levels of brain N-acetyl-aspartate, hypomyelination and seizures. We proposed that in brain, glial glutamate and glutamine synthesis requires aspartate produced in neurons, and we have now verified this proposal within the retina, finding that glutamine synthesis in Müller glial cells depends on the transcellular flux of aspartate from photoreceptors. These new functions of AGC1/Aralar-MAS in intra- and intercellular traffic of amino acids may set the basis for new therapeutic strategies in this and other brain disorders.
Aging is characterized by insulin and leptin resistance, and cardiovascular disease. We focuses our work in two aspects: 1) Changes in heart function in aged rats fed ad libitum or after 3-months of moderate caloric restriction; and 2) Changes in CCK satiating and insulin sensitizing effects looking for possible mechanisms involved in the development of insulin resistance with aging and its reversion.



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Doctoral theses:

Ignacio Amigo de la Huerga (2013). “Characterization of SCaMC-3, the mitochondrial ATP-Mg/Pi carrier present in liver and brain”. UAM. Jorgina Satrústegui y Araceli del Arco

Irene Llorente Folch (2013). “New roles of aralar, the brain mitochondrial aspartate/glutamate carrier in dopamine handling glutamate excitotoxicity and regulation of mitocondrial respiration”. UAM. Jorgina Satrústegui y Beatriz Pardo.

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